Our vision is to become the leading importer of Sanitary wear,hygiene and other products in Ghana and beyond.


To provide our customers with safe and standardized products without compromising their health .

Our Profile

NOKK III Ventures Limited is an indigenous importer company in Ghana with active presence in Ghana for over 2 years .
Our company is a leading importer in Ghana , specializing in research and the importation of Sanitary wears, hygienics and other products such as baby diapers, baby wipes ,feminine sanitary napkins/pads, panty liners, adult diapers, maternity pads, under pads, wet wipes, facial tissues and toilet tissue and soft drinks in high grade quality.

We are located Taptop, Tetegu before the west hills mall..We are approved by the FDA.
With our experience in the industry,we've improved the product quality in continuity to standardize our team approach , in order to satisfy the demand of our customers.

NOK III products are soft, comfortable are manufactured with safe materials under strict hygienic standards.our products are of good quality according to European and Ghanaian standards and is safe for family use.